Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wet Nose Warm Heart

I have entire libraries of photos of my sweet puppy, Inara. She is just about ten-months old now, but I saw her every week from the time she was born until I took her home at seven-weeks old. Inara then became the subject of many, many photo sessions.  

There is something so precious about puppies. They snuggle up close and lick you with that tiny tongue and that strangely inviting puppy breath. They nibble on your fingers, ears, or hair, if you aren't quick and careful. Puppies are loving and trusting and want to be adored.  Click to read more. 

All of the photos in this layout express those sentiments, and that is why I chose "Wet nose Warm heart" for this challenge. It completely captures the photos of Inara from two-weeks old to five-weeks old. The title was digitally cut using my Silhouette. 

Wet nose Warm heart
This was a great challenge for me because I had myriad scraps of dog-related materials including the paw print patterned paper and matching stickers. I never liked the paw print patterned paper until now. It's paper I have had a long time, but could never find a way to use it, until this challenge. Since the photos and sentiment and style was looking classic, I wanted a bit of whimsy! The paw print patterned paper did just that - add whimsy. I used the matching stickers to indicate the week. So the first photo on the left of page one has the sticker, 2, next to it. Inara was two-weeks old. 

Page 1
Since Inara is an all-black German Shepherd Dog, I changed the colors of the paw print from a traditional tan and brown to black and gray. That small touch made the layout more personable. 

Have you noticed the yellow collar on both pages?
Before she was named, Inara was referred to as yellow collar girl. 

Is the pattern paper too much? Has anyone else used this paper? Who manufactured it? 

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