Challenge Rules

Ready for a Challenge?

Our blog challenges have special prizes for winners, and each challenge presents a number of ways to win! All paper crafts are considered: cards, layouts, cupcake wrappers, tags, and more.

The ScrapbookerPhD Challenge is posted on the blog on Thursday. And will ask you to create a NEW (absolutely no back-linking) paper craft based on the challenge topic, for example: wedding. 

Want to play?

Here are some basic rules and regulations to join in the fun at ScrapbookerPhD Challenge Blog. (Be sure to check out our Challenge Helpful Hints.) 

·      Challenges are announced on Thursday and last for four weeks. The link closes on Monday before the next challenge is announced on Thursday so that the DT can vote. 
    The Challenges will be labeled consecutively – the first challenge is #1, and then #2. 

·      Challenges are released directly on the blog and listed on Paper Playful:

·      Carefully follow the Challenge Codes:
o   Duration of the challenge 1M (1M).
o   Number of entries 3E (three entries).
o   Combine your entry with other challenges C10 (combine with 10 other challenges, no more). 

·      Winners are announced with the release of the next challenge.
o   Top 5 choices will be reposted.
o   Top choice will be announced and the winner will receive a sponsored prize.
o   Whenever possible, a second prize for a random winner will be awarded. Sometimes this is a sponsored prize, other times, it can be blog candy. 
*** Note: to be eligible for winning, there must be at least 3 entries.
*** Note: prizes can be sent only to the US.
*** Note: prizes must be claimed within 2 weeks of the challenge closing.

     To enter the challenge, please first follow this blog. Then, take a clear photograph of your work, post it to your own blog, and link that specific entry to our blog challenge. (Don't have a blog? Email me at
o   Your blog post should talk about your inspiration, what materials you used.
o   Please reference our blog (with link) and number of the challenge.
o   Your blog post must be linked to the specific post and not just your blog. This will automatically remove you from the competition.
o   Absolutely no back-linking to previous work. This is an automatic removal from the competition. 

      Follow us on Facebook, and your entry may be featured there during the week. 
e    Feedback — When I enter a challenge, I can’t wait for feedback on my work. Generic feedback is great, but it’s the little touches of detail that make feedback so important. All submissions will receive feedback during the week of the challenge. The founder of Scrapbookerphd is, in fact, a Professor of Literacy. She won’t let you down.

What about Guest Designers?
Challenges will also be hosted to find guest designers. The winner of the challenge will be on a rotation schedule for designing inspiration for upcoming challenges. You and your blog will be featured prominently on ScrapbookerPhD, and we will be bragging on your work!!


  1. Can I enter if I don't have a blog?

    1. Some blogs do allow that.
      Yes, you can. I'll be sure to leave a note in our challenge post about it. Happy Crafting.

  2. Can I enter if I don't have a blog?

  3. Can I enter the challenge if I don't have a blog?

  4. I'll give it a try...thanks! I already LOVE MY CUT SEARCH!


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