Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dog Bones

Sketch, Sticker, Sentiment, and.... yikes, I have nothing but paper!
That's right. I am without supplies this weekend, but even that couldn't stop me from crafting. I knew the challenge blogs would help me; until, I forgot to read the rules.

The Colours and Sketches Blog posted a double challenge this week - both a set of colors and sketch. Actually that seemed perfect because I could get started. I rushed through my scraps to find the three color requirements.

As I gathered my cardstock together, I grabbed a dog-related kit, and got to work. I still needed to complete the challenge at 365 Cards which was inspiration with the letter S: sketch, sticker, sentiment. I felt I was in a good place to make this card happen on the road.

I decided to use one of the patterned papers as my Sentiments. I used the Pacific Point to mat the base. I took paw print paper that was in the shade of Pumpkin Pie (that's where the story get good - wait for it) and mat it on the Wild Wasabi. At this point, my card was really in a good place to finish up, but then...

First, I realized that I used the wrong paw print paper. This is distinctly yellow, and not pumpkin. The paw print paper in Pumpkin Pie was just too busy. The paw prints were larger and scattered. Now that meant I had only a few options for any embellishment, and I needed a sticker or stamp of something for the 356 challenge. In the dog-related kit, I found a sicker pack with several stickers to choose from with the Pumpkin Pie color.

And then. it hit me. Colours and Sketches is of course a CAS blog: Clean and Simple. The larger stickers were really pulling us away from clean and simple, and only one sticker that I felt would work that had the pumpkin pie color in it.

If I added anything else, it would start getting messy. The paper became the embellishments. I added the right size, shape, and color sticker to complete the challenge.

Had I overcome all of my obstacles? No, because that is when I remembered that Colours and Sketches requires a stamp.

Great fun and learning experience.

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